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Customizing Share JavaScript Widgets

Question asked by kriton on Dec 13, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2012 by alejandrogarciaseco
I recently upgraded from 4.0.e to 4.2.b. Everything is good and since I've had the spare time I decide to look into refactoring my customizations so that they take advantage of added extension points as demonstated in this brilliant blog-post

My problem is that not everything is as easily extensible. I've done a number of changes to some client-side javascript files that are under the /modules directory, for example modules/create-site.js.

Unlike javascript files placed under the /components directory, it seems to me that the new ways of extending do not apply to most of these files, as some of them are imported by share-config.xml even… so I still have to edit the original file… Correct me if I am wrong and if not is there any plan to add some similarily easy way of extending these files ?