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Installation bundle or manuallly? how to enable some options

Question asked by vandals on Dec 13, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2012 by vandals

I want to deploy Alfresco community edition 4.2c in a very small institution on windows server 2003.
I have the following questions:

1- is it better to install it using the installation bundle or manually?, I found that it's not easy to install manually, but, I noticed that when I install it using the bundle, during the installation I got a message says that this Alfresco installation is for evaluation use only!, so, is the bundle installation method the suitable one for production use ?. if no, then, I need a good article describing how to install each of Alfresco components and modules on an existing Tomcat and
PostgreSQL servers.

2- Will I be able to edit PDF files online directly from Alfresco?, if yes, what module should I install to enable this feature?

3- All documents of types doc, image, and PDF will be signable, that means that some one should be able to sign and email as attachments all these types of documents, how to do that in Alfresco?.

4- Can I access my Alfresco documents structrue using Windows folder explorer?, how to do that ?

5- How to send a document as an email from ALfresco?

6- Will I be able to archive documents in Alfresco?, how to to that.

Sorry for those many questions, but I'm new to Alfreso and need to know these info.

Any other tips and useful info for a new commer would be appreciated.

Best Regards