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Project for Transforming CDR (X4+), SketchUp, and InDesign.

Question asked by pjaromin on Dec 15, 2012
I've got a large store of CorelDraw (8, X4) and SketchUp files at home that I wanted to thumbnail/preview in my home share repo. After a few searches failed to turn up any existing code, I decided it would be fun to write myself. So I did. CorelDraw X4+ and SketchUp were fairly easy and it appears that InDesign should be doable as well.

I've been thinking of making this public, but before I do I figured I'd ask if maybe my searches have missed something - it seems like this would have been done by someone before. I've found some interesting articles about extracting from InDesign for Alfresco, but no actual project and it appears that this capability hasn't been incorporated in to the released product.

So is there a project out there I should consider contributing this to, or should I publish this as it's own project?