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Creating Content for Press Release web form

Question asked by garyb on Sep 28, 2010
Hi all,

I am following "Getting Started with WCM 3.3" . I am having issues in the steps in: Creating content associated with the 'Press Release Form' web form.

It created 3 renditions for the content .xml, .html and .txt correctly. I previewed all three, that worked great.
But I want to point out that here was a strange space in the url: content/WorldEconomicForum_Tech_Pioneer.html
before the word content there is a space, but the preview worked fine.
The page being previewed is ('About Us' > 'News' page > World Economic Forum Press Release)

And when you click Finish, all three should be added to the 'Modified Items' under 'My Sandbox' are:
- WorldEconomicForum_Tech_Pioneer.xml
- WorldEconomicForum_Tech_Pioneer.html
- WorldEconomicForum_Tech_Pioneer.txt

But for me, only xml is added and a node named content is also added(dont kno why this got created)
- WorldEconomicForum_Tech_Pioneer.xml
- content

Please advise. What could be going wrong here.
- Gary