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Suse Entreprise 11 / Openoffice 3.2.0 / Share issue

Question asked by thomasou on Sep 29, 2010
Dear All,

I have been experiencing an issue with Alfresco CIFS implementation and access to file through OpenOffice 3.2.0.
Alfresco : 3.3 Community.

I mount the Alfresco share for each users so they can access their files from Nautilus.
I can correctly save and open any kind of file through the Openoffice Connector but it is quite limited.

On the client (SLE11), when I try to access the file through the mounted share (double click from Nautilus) with Openoffice it opens it correctly but when I make changes and I save the file, it then reset the files to 0 kb.

Anyone has seen this issue before ?

I have been trying with other software and can't reproduce the issue. It seems Openoffice specific.
I tried to move to a NFS share but it has the same issue.
I updated Openoffice to latest version as well.

Any help is welcome.