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Community 4.2 & HTTPS Connectivity

Question asked by trev71 on Dec 17, 2012
Good Afternoon,

  So, I have a new community installation of 4.2 up and running, seemingly fine.
  Tomcat 7
  Configured, and working seeminly fine, are ports 80 and 443 (vs 8080 and 8443)

  http://fqdn/share works fine

  Moving to modify it for https browser connectivity however, is seemingly much more complex than simply modifying the server.xml file to use my keystore/truststore files associated with my cert.

  I've been searching high and low to figure this one out. The file gives me some tips.. and pointers as to where to modify things.. but I am not having luck here getting this to run on https.

  Modifying my server.xml to use my truststore and keystore will allow me to log into the webapp /share with my cert just fine. However, the moment I lock down the web.xml to allow only secure connections, I cannot log into application, and my back end is erroring out with cert related connectivity errors. I've modified my to compensate for port and protocol changes https vs http and 443 vs 80 for ports.

  Is there an available walk through for this that I am apparently oblvious to? heh…

  I found myself digging into the workspace-SpacesStore/conf/* files and, really, I think that though I may get things rolling by walking that script, it just seems I am doing the overkill method of hacking it to work…

  Any thoughts/tips would be appreciated…