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Upload or CheckIn/CheckOut file in workflows.

Question asked by prateekgoyal on Sep 30, 2010
Hello Everyone,

I am having a requirement for uploading a file with the comments or is their any way for creating checkin/checkout facility for the file attaced as a resource at various level in alfresco workflow.
So i want to know that is their any way of implementing this, and if possible then how can we implement.
Also one more thing, how can i fetch the data stored in alfresco workflow history from the database tables, like when the file moves at various level in the workflow, the use at that level gives his/her comments and approves at his/her level.
After that when we see in the "My Completed Task" in workflow history we can the comments given by various users in that  workflow, i want to fetch those comments using Api.
Is it possible to do that.

Please rply soon,