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Help on creating explicit Deny Permissions

Question asked by mshatski on Sep 30, 2010

We are an Argentinian company and we find Alfresco a great system! It covers most of our needs. Right now we are using community version 3.4 in order to evaluate for EE version..
Long story short, we need to create an explicit "Deny" permission, because in some spaces, we need for example that all users from a specific group (that contains almost 100 users) access all content inside that space, but, we don't want for instance that one specific user from that group to access a single document, inside that space. So, we need a "denyRead" permission or something.

I bought Wrox's Professional Alfresco, I read the wiki, but all I could find were posts about how to create new permissions grouping existing ones.

Can anyone give me a pointer about where to start developing this new permission?


Mauricio Shatski