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Tomcat 7

Question asked by loftux on Sep 30, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2010 by mikeh
I grabbed the latest from Tomcat project to wrap up my Alfresco Tomcat bundle for 3.4.a. Reading the fineprint later on, I noticed that 7.0.2 is still considered beta, but I was halfway through, and might as well try it out.

So it all seems to work fine, except for Flash uploading. What fails is in flash-upload.js row 1485.
This statement
url += ";jsessionid=" + YAHOO.util.Cookie.get("JSESSIONID");

As you can see, the jsessionid is null. Exactly the same repository when run with Tomcat 6 works.

There apparently is a change in jsessionid handling in tomcat 7. Been trying to find a config to switch back to old Tomcat behaviour to see if this is what causes the issue, but didn't find any.
Also looks related to ALF-1078 ADOBE FLASH BUG - Upload of files failed (Websphere).