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SharePoint Protocol installation problems

Question asked by theeye on Dec 18, 2012
Hello Community!

I opened up a thread at the bitnami Forum but I guess maybe this place suits my problem better. For explanation: At you can download configured Linux VM's.

The background:
I'm running the Alfresco VM from bitnami (Alfresco version 4.2.a and Ubuntu 12.04). I would like to use the SharePoint feature and found out that it's not included in the bitnami VM.

Here someone had the same problem: And here someone posted the way to install in manually:

I tried to follow that instruction but wasn't able to complete the installation.

That's what I did:
1) download (it contains alfresco-community-spp-4.2.a.amp and README_spp.txt)
2) extract the archiv and rename alfresco-community-spp-4.2.a.amp to vti-module.amp
3) move vti-module.amp to $ALF_HOME/apps/alfresco/amps/
4) stop alfresco
5) run apps/alfresco/ (with sudo)
6) now I'm getting an error
7) start alfresco again and see that SharePoint is (of course) not working

I got this error message:
unable to access jarfile /opt/bitnami/apps/bin/alfresco-mmt.jat

That's no surprise, because /opt/bitnami/apps/ only contains a directory named alfresco.
So no bin directory. And /opt/bitnami/ is the installdir (checked the properties.ini file)

I found the alfresco-mmt.jar in /opt/bitnami/apps/alfresco/

So I modified the in /opt/bitnami/apps/alfresco and changed the original path and made (hardcoded) changes in line 8:



export CATALINA_HOME=&ALF_HOME/../apache-tomcat

line 9

. $ALF_HOME/scripts/


. $ALF_HOME/../scripts/

and I changed the lines 14-17 like this (just the beginning of line 14 is shown)

java -jar $ALF_HOME/bin/alfresco-mmt.jar


java -jar $ALF_HOME/alfresco/alfresco-mmt.jar

The now finds the alfresco-mmt.jar (and still the How can the path information be so messed up?! I think the installation ran through without errors but:

java -jar alfresco-mmt.jar list <WARFileLocation>

says that there are no modules installed and (the biggest problem) I'm unable to login into http://server/share  :cry:
It used to work perfectly fine before the "installation"… (I can access the login interface at http://server/share but he won't accept my login data…)
Restoring the backed up WAR files didn't change anything.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you! I'm very confused…