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Tagging Requirement

Question asked by hytorc on Dec 18, 2012
I'm testing out the Cloud Alfresco version and the interface has been great. I am able to tag files successfully but had a few questions and hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
- Is it possible to tag an entire folder? I dumped a ton of images into a folder and would like to set them all up with the same tagging names
- Is it possible to create a list of predefined tags for users to select - forcing them to be unable to create tags that do not follow our structure? - e.g. "Desktop Application" instead of "Desktop-Application"
- Lastly, is there a way to customize the tag listing on the left side at all? I am interesting in creating 3 separate tag groups with tags in each one. And granting the user the ability to select multiple tags to filter their results.

If not I am hoping the in house Alfresco would be our solution.