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Alfresco HTTP Client

Question asked by nirvanvjain on Dec 18, 2012
Hi Folks,

Alfresco has used Apache (Jakarta) Commons HttpClient in their project as Alfresco is built on top of open source technology stack.

Alfresco 4.0 v onwards, they have extended the default HttpClient and created their custom HttpClient (Package org.alfresco.httpclient).

So far I have used 3.x version of Alfresco in my custom JAVA applications to access the Alfresco webscripts.

Can somebody tell me in which JAR these classes (org.alfresco.httpclient.*) packed in Alfresco 4.0?

If any sample "org.alfresco.httpclient" based calls are made in any custom JAVA/J2EE application then plz share sample snippet of that.