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Alfresco Share ***4.0*** Customization

Question asked by nirvanvjain on Dec 18, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2013 by govinda
Hi Alfresco Folks and Alfresco Engineers,

I have worked upon customization of Alfresco SHARE v 3.4.5 Enterprise.

I have almost created all the components and also added a few admin-console components as admin-console was not as rich as it is today in latest version.

After looking in to some Alfresco Share v 4.0 customization blogs and sites, I am surprised (sarcastically) that they have used some new method for extension/customization of Alfresco Share. :( :(

Can somebody help me to get started again on Alfresco Share v 4.0 customization ???

What all configuration changes for extension module ? How to configure modules? :(