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CIFS and Autoversioning

Question asked by cosminaru on Oct 1, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2010 by loftux
We are mapping one our Alfresco spaces as Network Drive on XP, using CIFS.
We als added a content rule on this space to add the versioning aspect (on update) so we have some files there that are versioned and some that are not.

We are editing these files with Excel (.xls) through CIFS, using the mapped drive. When saving an unversioned file everything runs smooth.

However, the files that have been versioned cannot be saved - Excel pops-up a message "Document cannot be saved". In addition, if we remove the versionable aspect manually, we are again able to save.

In other words, CIFS doesn't seem to support saving files (content) that has the versionable aspect applied - Is this a known limitation or some way to work around this?

Our customer really needs both these features (versionable and CIFS) and we need to know if there is a solution for this or if we should just search for an alternative.