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Faild to execute Sudo script - illegal character

Question asked by ivanatap on Dec 19, 2012

We got an error that occurs sporadically during script execution.
Specifically, we have two scripts, one that runs only on the admin user which is in the class path (SudoScript), and the other script (ExecuteScript) which is intended only to call the first one.

This is the error:  ERROR [ui.common.Utils] [catalina-exec-12] A system error happened during the operation: 11191055 Failed to execute script 'workspace://SpacesStore/83b2646f-445a-40b1-a9d4-543e8f500d81': 11191054 illegal character.

ExecuteScript is run through the rule and is located in Company Home/Data Dictionary/Scripts and  'workspace://SpacesStore/83b2646f-445a-40b1-a9d4-543e8f500d81' is its guid.

When we restart tomcat, the error is sometimes lost and did not appear again until new restart of the tomcat.

Also note that the error does not occur if we directly execute the first script(SudoScript) when we save it in Company Home/Data Dictionary/Scripts, which would mean that the problem is probably in the second script(ExecuteScript) that calls the first one or in the communication between two scripts. This is the content of the second script (ExecuteScript) :



Does anyone have an idea what is the problem here?

Thanks in advance.