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Allow SSO for internal access only.

Question asked by jasonschroeder on Dec 21, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2012 by afaust
We currently are running Alfresco 4.0 d on Windows server With iis redirecting to Tomcat. 

We are authenticating through Passthru with sso enable.  When I access our share installation from outside our network (ssl enabled site), Windows asks for domain authentication.  Once I cancel the request, I am able to log in to the main share log in screen.  I would like to change settingt so external users do do not receive a windows authentication prompt and go directly to the SHare authentication page.  AD account would then be entered to access the siteSeems like it is trying SSO all attempts to access.  Is it possible to have SSO only in place for access within our internal network?  (all users accessing through external ssl access would not be considered as part of sso rule.

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks Jason