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Content store cleanup does not work

Question asked by manu2097 on Oct 6, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2014 by valfontanette
Sorry for my English, I'm trying to move documents to
contentstore –> contentstore.delete, but does not work.
My configuration is:

system.content.orphanCleanup.cronExpression=0 0/7 * * * ?


[STDOUT] 09:28:00,104  WARN  [content.cleanup.ContentStoreCleaner] Property 'protectDays' is set to 0.  Please ensure that your backup strategy is appropriate for this setting.
[STDOUT] [b]09:28:00,105[/b]  DEBUG [content.cleanup.ContentStoreCleaner] Content store cleanup started.
[STDOUT] [b]09:28:00,277 [/b] DEBUG [content.cleanup.ContentStoreCleaner]    Content store cleanup completed.

But in the contentstore stills the files, they have not been deleted or moved to contentstore.deleted

In the log I don't find any error.
Alfresco version: 3.2.0 r

Regards, Manuel.