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Inline editor for structured text?

Question asked by huima on Oct 6, 2010
I wonder whether anyone here knows or has experience of using inline editors for structured or semi structured content in a way that the inline editor would enforce the schema / structure of the document immediately (while user edits the document)? ( ie. java applet, javascript or flash based xml editor with schema enforcement ) I saw: in the wiki, but the Edit Live editor worked poorly on OS X.

What we are trying to achieve is to force content authors to write documents in certain way, to describe each chapter with metadata which describes goals of that chapter and questions to which it answers. This data would not be shown to the actual reader of the article.

Reasoning behind this kind of thinking is to help our content authors, who are scientists, to write articles which answer to real questions which the general public has or might have. Personally I have been against this specification, but as long as it is a spec - I need to try to implement it the best I can.

As we haven't found a single good and usable opensource XML editor to be used as inline editor,  our current thought of how to proceed has been to use a javascript based wysiwyg editor and create own css-style and dialog / button, which would create a div element which would work as a template for this metadata and allow author to write it there.

On Alfresco's side I though about creating our own 'edit inline' action and wizard, which would allow user to edit the text in CK editor, then save the document - after which validation results would be shown as metadata and user could be suggested to improve the document, if it is not written to the specification.

I thought about - but decided against - to put constraint to the repository level, as it would be too strong enforcement, if the editor would allow user to write 'not valid' content.  If the inline editor allows user to break the document, I think it is better to allow the user to save it - rather than lose all the edits he/she has made.

Any thoughts and comments would be appreciated.