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Problem Migration 2.9 communtiy to 3.3.2 enterprise

Question asked by jnjp28 on Oct 6, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2010 by mrogers

i did a migration from a 2.9 community version to a 3.3.2 enterprise.

I resolved all problems with my customer DB and alfresco start :)

But i have a serious problem in UI, when i want to download a file i have this message :

The node's content is missing:
   node: workspace://SpacesStore/35c35d3a-6c30-11df-83c7-01893c49f909
   reader: ContentAccessor[ contentUrl=store://2010/5/30/23/13/35c77bed-6c30-11df-83c7-01893c49f909.bin, mimetype=application/pdf, size=0, encoding=UTF-8, locale=fr_FR] 
Please contact your system administrator.

Yet the file is present at this path in contentstore.