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Automatically Save Gmails into Alfresco Imap Home Repository

Question asked by atouma on Jan 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2013 by atouma
Hello ,

I installed Alfresco 4.2 b release.

I did the configuration of the Outbound and Inbound SMTP properties and the IMAP Protocols as indicated in Alfresco Documentation > Administering > Configuring email and Configuring IMAP Protocol support .

In alfresco interface , I created user having a gmail account .
This user successfully received in his Microsoft Outlook tool emails from Alfresco.
How can I configure my Alfresco server to automatically save any gmail sent for this user , into his Alfresco > Imap Home > User Repository  > Inbox folder ?

I would like to have this process done without any manual user interaction ( manually drag and drop gmails into Alfresco repository OR create outlook rules that may be changed by the users ) .

Your quick feedback is Highly appreciated