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Encoding problem with webDrive (webdev) please help

Question asked by mcasanket on Jan 4, 2013
Hi All,
   My application is in alfresco 3.2.0. I am able to see the items in one particular space. For example, there are some pdf files in some folder apple. I can access these files. When I click on this file it opens a new browser window and show the pdf file.

   I have mapped this space to using webDrive in windows 2008 server. One windows task scheduler runs every 5 minutes and copy the files from space apple to some other space. The problem I am facing is when I open the mapped drive it shows all the pdf files inside but when I click on it it fails to open it. Even I am not able to copy it. It says file not exists.  Because of this problem the scheduler fails to copy the files.

By Googling I found that the problem is related to the encoding.

Original filename: 8747_33-1 XETCE GODO.pdf
When I click on it throug webclient and it opens in browser the file name is: 8747_33-1%20XETCE GODO.pdf
When I click on the network places it open it in the browser and the file name is : 8747_33-1%20XETCE%A0GODO.pdf

I looked carefully and found that there is a difference of %A0 in both the file name above. If I replace the name withe the one that was generated by the webclient  it works fine.

Please Help.
Thank You!