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Problem getting candidate tasks for many user groups

Question asked by jon on Jan 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2013 by jon

We have an Alfresco environment with 150+ sites and are using workflows with Activiti. We have certain managing users that are site managers for each of those sites, as well as belonging to a separate standalone user group for those managers. This user group is important as it is the candidate group for some workflow tasks and the managing users receive and action those tasks.

Currently the managing users can see no workflow tasks in the My Tasks dashlet. Having examined the code, I can see that the workflow tasks available in the My Tasks dashlet are sourced from a Java-backed webscript which then calls the WorkflowService (method getPooledTasks(String)). This method will obtain all of the user groups for the user and invoke the ActivitiWorkflowEngine with those groups. The ActivitiWorkflowEngine executes a TaskQuery that ultimately queries the database for tasks applicable to those user groups. This is done through the TaskManager database entity object (method findTasksByQueryCriteria(TaskQueryImpl, Page)).

So far so good. However, by examing the List of candidate groups in the TaskQuery at runtime, I can see that the List is constantly 100 elements long. As the managing users are site managers of the 150+ sites, the system groups for each site are included before the List abruptly stops at 100 elements, the remaining user groups not being in the List. Crucially, the standalone user group for those managers is not included in the List and that is why the users do not see any tasks in the dashlet.

What I cannot see in the code is any reason that List seems to have a maximum of 100 elements. If anyone could shed any light on this rather niched problem then I would be very, very grateful.