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Added a script to Company Home/Data Dictionary/Scripts

Question asked by christophrholmes on Oct 10, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2010 by ssaravanan
I am new to Alfresco development and I am just following through some tutorials and along with a few books.  I created a new content model and uploaded it to the Home/Data Dictionary/Models – no errors occured.  I restarted (even though I should not have too since I am using a dynamic loading method vice updating the bootstrap loader).

I added a script to Home/Data Dictionary/Scripts to invoke the creation of a new piece of content - based on my new content model.

When I view the scripts details and select "execute script" I click the add values/blah blah — in the "Select a script to execute" dropdown my script does not show up.  I also tried adding a script of a different name directly into the classpath.  What am I missing?