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Index control options

Question asked by mrsaqib on Jan 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2013 by mrsaqib
I am confused with the content options provided by alfresco, Is there any difference between them? any priority or performance difference?

1. IN file
This property controls whether or not the content of the documents is indexed. If false, content is not indexed.

2. In contentModel.xml file, we can control the indexing by <index enabled="true" or "false">

<type name="cm:content">
           <property name="cm:content">
              <index enabled="true">

3. In the same file
<aspect name="cm:indexControl">
         <title>Index Control</title>
            <property name="cm:isIndexed">
               <title>Is indexed</title>
            <property name="cm:isContentIndexed">
               <title>Is content indexed</title>