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Write an 'Alfresco 3 Repository Services Book' for Packt!

Question asked by maryjasmine on Oct 12, 2010

I am an author recruiter at Packt Publishing. We publish computer-related books on a wide variety of IT topics.

We are planning to publish a new book on Alfresco Repository Services which is planned to be a 300 page book targeted at Alfresco developers looking to utilize the Alfresco repository as easily and efficiently as possible.

Title:Alfresco 3 Repository Services

To give you an idea about the way things works at Packt:

- The editorial team at Packt works with the author through out the project.
- We pay a royalty of 16% and an advance against it.
- The marketing team at Packt ensures that the book is well promoted.
- In its ongoing commitment to OpenSource, Packt donates a percentage of revenue generated by the book to the OpenSource project on which it is based. We have donated more than 150 000 dollars to various OpenSource projects since inception in 2004.

I am looking out for authors to write this book for Packt Publishing who are quite experienced with Alfresco Repository. If you are interested in this opportunity please feel free to contact me at


Mary Nadar
Author Relationship Executive
Packt Publishing
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