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lucene search returns rule:ruleFolder

Question asked by zezom on Oct 13, 2010
I am running the below line in a web script that I have made. The problem is that I am getting back an extra folder which is normally hidden. The folder is the rule:ruleFolder folder which keeps all of the rules of the current directory. I am trying to figure out what I need to add to the search string so that this folder does not show up in the returned results.

dir = search.luceneSearch("+PATH:\"" + search.findNode(model.folder.nodeRef).qnamePath + "/*\" +TYPE:\"cm:folder\"");

The out put of the ruleFolder is below:
nodeRef: workspace://SpacesStore/3d9accbd-c559-45dc-bc41-77409edf0eaf
Path/name: /Company Home/3d9accbd-c559-45dc-bc41-77409edf0eaf
QNamePath: /app:company_home/rule:ruleFolder/

I have already tried the below with no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated as there is very little listed on google. Also I am trying to move away from running through each of the results and checking if the node.isContainer to speed up the operation.