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What is the difference between roles in setting folder

Question asked by miraclesuki on Jan 8, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2015 by pullenjon

I am using Alfresco Share to assigning permission to different folders.
First, I am choosing the folder to assign permission by clicking the repository.
When I click "Manage Permission" option in the folder, I got 9 permission can be set and I am confused with it.
(editor, consumer, collaborator, contributor, coordinator, site manager, site collaborator, site contributor, site consumer)

1. what is the difference between "site manager" and "coordinator" ?
As I know, site manager and coordinator both grant all rights and permissions.

2. what is the difference between "site xxxx" vs the relatively "xxxx"
As I tried, let say "site consumer" and "consumer", both grant "read only". I cannot see any different between them.

Please help for this, any advise on it is highly appreciated.