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Felicidades Adrian (ajv) - Premio Chumby

Question asked by billbrooks on Dec 11, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2008 by venzia
Chumby Awards for Community Achievement - November Winner Announced Congratulations to Adrian Jimenez who has scored a hat-trick by winning the Web Scripts Developer Challenge (June 2008), the Contributor of the Month (June 2008) and now the Chumby Award for his phenomenal 57 points in the Spanish forums. Enhorabuena!

[img][/img]What is a Chumby and how do you score one? Simply put, Chumbys are little marvels of technology that are about the size of a coffee cup, have a touch screen, connect wirelessly to the Internet and have a library of addon widgets. What is probably more interesting, especially to the Alfresco community, is that Chumbys are Linux-based, open-source development platforms.
Most people will use them as an alarm clock to wake them up in the morning, to view digital photos, to listen to Internet radio, to check the news, weather and sports, to look up a recipe — all of the usual ways that we interact with Internet-based devices.

No es que estamos intentando que Adrian (ajv) gane todo!!

Por supuesto el trabajo de Javier (innovasoft-nt), Pedro (pjcaracuel), y todos los otros contribuyentes no está olvidado..!!