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List tasks assigned to specific group

Question asked by army81 on Oct 13, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2010 by patil
I want to know how to get a list of tasks associated with a group.
I tried to make the filter through the class WorkflowTaskQuery using the following code:
WorkflowTaskQuery query = new WorkflowTaskQuery();
Map<QName, Object> filter = new HashMap<QName, Object>();
filter.put(QName.createQName("{}pooledActors"), new NodeRef ("workspace://SpacesStore/a6fb5aeb-3612-48ed-950f-d6a74ca0f00d"));
query.setProcessCustomProps(filter); (or query.setTaskCustomProps(filter))
List<WorkflowTask> tasks =  conAlfresco.getConnection().getAlfrescoCore().getServiceRegistry().getWorkflowService().queryTasks(query);
but the list is always empty, how can I do?