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Workflow with Activiti

Question asked by mrsaqib on Jan 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2013 by afaust
Hi ,

The system I am currently working on, attaches custom aspect with an expiryDate property, the property value is set with the document when it is being uploaded (programmatically in Java), this expiry date is depend upon some conditions which i check in my uploading code. I have millions of documents uploaded this way, and to delete expired documents I have written a ActionExecutor which checks for expired document using this property and deletes those documents.

Now when i was going through this , I was wondering this may be helpful for me so that i can attach my custom workflow with my uploaded document and execute that flow using WorkflowTimer, i.e execute some delete script after X no of days.

Will this latter approach will be efficient & helpful when i'll have thousands of documents uploaded daily.?

Kindly suggests