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Cann't connect from Windows 7 to Windows 7 alfresco CIFS

Question asked by mavihemi on Jan 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2013 by mavihemi

  I was installed my Alfresco on Windows XP and I had mapped it in my Windows XP client machine. I could see all my Alfresco files with the Explorer.
Everything was working fine, but …

  My company changed the Operating System to Windows 7, now my Alfresco server and my client are in Windows 7, but I cann't do the same mapping. I get the error " The specified network password is not correct".

I read all the forums about CIFS configuration but nothing works.

At the end, I tried with a Windows XP client and a Windows 7 Alfresco server and it worked. So I undestand that the configuration in Alfresco CIFS is OK.

The problem is that the clients must be in Windows 7.

Any idea ????

Thanks in advance.