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Forums points re-calc complete

Question asked by jpotts Moderator on Jan 10, 2013
As you may have noticed, this past weekend (January 5) we re-calculated points in the English forums. If you earned at least one point prior to August you were emailed about this at that time. To catch everyone else up, the summary is:
  • Our points module was broken. It was allowing points to be accumulated in ways that conflicted with how we intended. Our original intent was for the original author of a post to be able to award up to three responses to their post one point each.

  • We proposed re-calculating points at some point between August and the forums migration.

  • We recalculated the points by "re-playing" the points URLs from the server log while properly applying the points constrains.
The migration to the new platform is imminent, so we pulled the trigger on the recalculation Saturday.

As was mentioned back in August, not everyone was affected. Some people lost no points, some people lost several. But the same rule was applied to everyone in the system without exception.

Points use in the non-English forums is not as heavy as in the English forum so we will not be recalculating those points.

If you have points in more than one forum (say English and German), your points will be totaled across all of your accounts when they are merged into a single account during the migration.