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Inherited rules mess up local permissions in sub folders

Question asked by jmeehan on Oct 15, 2010
It happens in Community 3.4.a but not in Community 3.3g.

How to reproduce it:
1. Create the space hierarchy: Company Home > Top > Middle > Bottom
2. Create a rule in the space Top (All Items, Add aspect 'Versionable', Apply rule to sub spaces)
3. Invite the Everyone group as a Collaborator to the space Bottom
4. Try to create a space inside the space Bottom

Access Denied. You do not have the appropriate permissions to perform this operation.

Expected Result
A space is created

It's not a problem if the Collaborator permission is assigned at the same hierarchical level as the rule, or at a higher level. If the permission is assigned at a lower level, it will not work. i.e. If I move the permission to the space Top, or if I move the rule to the space Middle, or Bottom, Everyone can create a space inside of Bottom.

Any help/insight would be appreciated. We want to upgrade from 3.3g to 3.4.a because of