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Get noderef userhome subspace

Question asked by redbull on Jan 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2013 by jpotts
Hi, this is my Alfresco spaces structure:
- Company Home
— Space_1
— Space_2
— User Homes
——- user1_space
——- user2_space
——- user3_space
———- user3_subspace1
———- user3_subspace2

In my java bean I need to get "user3_subspace1" noderef.
How can I get it?  The only element that I have is user3_space noderef.

I tried to build the path string for a searchService.query using XPATH/LUCENE but I'm a little confused…
string_query = "app:company_home/app:user_homes/…………"???