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How to speed up Share development

Question asked by alejandrogarciaseco on Jan 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2013 by alejandrogarciaseco
Hi all,

I'm developing and performing some customization on Share. My IDE is Eclipse Juno and workspace is made up of the next elements:

* alfresco web project
* extensions Java project
* share web project

Both alfresco and share web projects are deployed in separate Tomcat instances, this way I can slightly speed up my development tasks by restarting only the Tomcat instance where Share is deployed.

My extensions Java project has the same structure as the Eclipse project proposed by Alfresco. Y the provided Ant tasks for compiling, compressing JavaScript files, packaging and deploying the resultant JAR file in Tomcat.

I'm developing some new JavaScript client-side widgets, which means every time I make a change I have to stop Tomcat, launch Ant build script and start again so as I have to do it very often, you can guess what a pain it is becoming. I was just wondering if there exist any way to speed up development tasks on Share. How do Alfresco developers team do it? What kind of environment do they set up?

I was thinking about creating a new Ant target which hot deploys extension project's content into deployed Share web project, taking into account paths of course; that mechanism must allow the reverse operation by the way. Would that be viable? The idea would be to have a similar deploy mechanism as when you  develop regular web projects: when you make any change you just push the "Publish" button and the changes are populated into the server.

I would like to know some tips and ideas, specifically from Alfresco developers team if possible.

Thanks in advance.

PS: I have already read and