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Java API - A question on which API

Question asked by ghernando on Jan 11, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2014 by amrorabi
I'm interested in creating a stand-alone app that communicates with Alfresco.
The app would be running on the same machine as the Alfresco server and could possibly run within tomcat as another war, parallel to the Alfresco war.

I know that I can use the Java-API to package code in a jar and then drop that into the Alfresco war to re-wire the workings of the Alfresco.
But can I use the JAVA-API outside of the alfresco war?  Can I write a stand-alone program that uses the Java API – one that doesn't try to use Web Service or CMIS calls?
I think that in that case I must be restricted to use only web services – is that right?
If not, how can I use the Alfresco Java API in a stand-alone way?