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formdata is null when doing upload file post request

Question asked by blc on Oct 16, 2010

Really hope someone can help!

My server config. is:
OS: Windows Server 2008 64bit running in a VM environment.
JAVA: 1.6 64bit
Database: MySQL
Alfresco ver: 3.3
Upload file size: 6M
Download file size: 4M

java options modified in alfresco.bat: set JAVA_OPTS=-Xms3G -Xmx6G -Xss1024k -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -XX:NewSize=2G -server -Dalfresco.home=%ALF_HOME%

What I am trying to do is to simulate 40 users (using http parameter ?guest=true) concurrently uploading file to a folder which alreadly assigned coordinator rights to everyone and guest for load test.

OK, then I also tried to simulate 100 users (using http parameter ?guest=true) concurreltly download file from Alfresco. Unfortunately, some requests were also failed and the server error is "[] Failed stream read:
    node: workspace://SpacesStore/32592146-2fc4-43ee-a0ff-9b24aefdb98e due to: 09160475 Failed to copy content to output stream:
   accessor: ContentAccessor[ contentUrl=store://2010/10/15/16/37/a3fee0b8-91f2-400e-8dc6-48b686915f41.bin, mimetype=text/plain, size=4397695, encoding=utf-8, locale=en_US]"

My problems are:
1. For upload test, there were some requests failed because the formdata is null (I get the null value using WebScript debugger). The JMeter log saying that the http request does provide the content in the request. Why? is it a bug or limitation or my incorrect configuration?
2. For download test, why failed?
3. How many concurrent user should my server support if I already assigned 6G heap size (set JAVA_OPTS=-Xms3G -Xmx6G -Xss1024k -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -XX:NewSize=2G -server -Dalfresco.home=%ALF_HOME% to the Alfresco?
4. If I configured a cluster containning two Alfresco servers sharing same database and alf_data, does it mean that the concurrent users support is doubled?

Please Help! Struggling….struggling

Thanks in advance