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Some questions about collaboration

Question asked by colind on Oct 18, 2010

I am reviewing Alfresco for possible use by a number fo clients (I works with documentation process and tools). It's not clear to me whether it can achieve a few "showstopper" requirements and I'm hoping others on the forum can assist.

1. I see that it has the capability extract data from XML nodes of imported documents. Does this work at any arbitrary level of the XML tree, or only at the root level? To elaborate, what if I insert some custom attributes in Word's XML for a single paragraph…can that attribute be extracted in Afresco?

2. As per (1), could Alfresco then round-trip back to Word XML with the original attribute still in place? (or maybe even modified by some action within Alfresco).

3. Can comments in Word documents be extracted, and stored in Afresco?

4. If a document in Alfresco is constructed from a number of files (a "compound document" some others have called it), then checked out, can Alfresco recognise each of the sub-documents during the "check in" process? Or would it have to be split up into individual sub documents and each of them checked in separately?

5. If the answer to (4) is yes/maybe/sort of/soon, does it support Word docs for this round trip? I'm thinking of a process where a master document is assembled from sub documents, output to Word, reviewed, then brought back in with changes. This could perhaps be done by creating bookmarks in the Word document, but directly tagging the XML would be a lot more robust. There would be a potential problem for new content when the document is checked in, but I can live with that.

Enough for now…thanks for reading!
Colin Dawson