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Configure Flash File Upload to override PROXY_URI part

Question asked by zladuric on Jan 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2013 by rockyrakhi

Alfresco file upload script uses Alfresco.constant.PROXY_URI + myOverrideUrl for upload. What would be a way to change this PROXY_URI?

I have a use case to upload a file as an unauthenticated user. The backend webscript works, I can upload using URL "/alfresco/service/api/custom-upload?guest=true", But when uploading with Share flash uploader, I override the url (flashUploadURL), but I cannot override the whole thing. So I get a 401-Unauthorized. My guess is that even if the backend script doesn not need authentication, Share asks for it.

Is there a way to override the upload URL to go to /alfresco directly? Or configure Share to let me through as guest?