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Upgratation wiki links does not say what to do with database

Question asked by bisana on Jan 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2013 by mrogers

I am refering the link General Upgrade Process for upgrading my instacne, in this document nothing has mentioned about what you have to do with the database at each instance.

At points 4 and 5, they have not mentioned anything about the database. Should the old database be droped after taking backup and new one created, or u should retain the DB as itselfIf u retain the DB as it is, you can see lots of error in catalina.out once the service is started.

I think the DB should be  backed up and droped, then created start the newly installed alfresco instance. then after restoring alf_data , restore the DB back to the orginal and start the service.
This part is not there in the wiki.
Correct me if I am wrong