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Creating a root folder

Question asked by jzaruba on Oct 18, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2010 by jzaruba
I'm trying to 'hide' text file that is linked to my PDF in a different store, hoping it would not get listed in search results together with the PDF it is linked to. (I.e. I only want the PDF to be listed; currently I get listed both.)
I hope it is possible in the first place…

My intention has been to keep the txt-files stored in the other store in a folder structure reflecting the one my PDF files are in. The problem is I get following error when trying to create the hierarchy…

The association source type is incorrect:
   Source Node: workspace://IndexesStore/3f8e4d82-2be9-4f55-9dcc-71d9eda431b8
   Association: Association[ class=ClassDef[name={}folder], name={}contains, target class={}base, source role=null, target role=null]
   Required Source Type: {}folder
   Actual Source Type: {}store_root
I believe it is because I'm trying to create a folder in a storeRef, in other words I don't know how to create a root folder.

This is how I'm creating the folders, including the root one.
NodeRef parentNodeRef = nodeService.getRootNode(targetStore);

  folderRef = nodeService.createNode(parentNodeRef, ContentModel.ASSOC_CONTAINS, QName.createQName(NamespaceService.APP_MODEL_1_0_URI, newFolderName), ContentModel.TYPE_FOLDER)
(I went through some Wiki examples but they usually create a folder within another folder.)

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong, please? (Is it possible to hide content from search by placing it into alternate store?)