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audit trail of reassign user in workflow

Question asked by miraclesuki on Jan 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2013 by n_pancholi87

I am using Alfresco Share and I got something not clear about the workflow function.

Scenario: (Review and approve workflow)

Suppose there are userA, userB and userC 3 guys,
userA created workflow and select userB to review the document.

Workflow is started, userA can view the workflow by "Workflow I've started".

Login userB, userB received the review task and edit it.
userB can do approve or reject on document, but this time, userB clicked reassign and selected userC.

Login userC, userC received the review task.
By clicking the "View workflow", under the history of workflow, I only can see userA started workflow and the current task is assigned to userC.


Regarding to above scenario:

1.  How to trace or where to view the audit trail of userB to reassign its task to userC?
2. In editing the task (choose approve or reject page), what is the usage for the "Status", it seems not affect to the workflow?

Any adivse or comment on it would be highly appreciated.
Thanks for your kindly help.