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Wish List - Import User List from Excel

Question asked by chris.dean on Oct 18, 2010
We have been using Alfresco as a tendering system for people to access and retrieve documents relating to specific tenders. It works like a dream but as a lot of the people are external we have to create massive lists of new users to invite and although this creates their accounts it doesnt put any other detail in such as Company Name etc. We have all this information in an ACT database that could easily be exported to Excel, XML etc. It would be great if in the next release someone came up with a user import function (not everyone cares about LDAP integration :-) ). I know this exists between versions etc but i cant find any way of importing a simple list of contacts to create users from this seems like a huge oversight in development to me. It would be great if someone could develop something.

Please feel free to post your opinions / own ideas in relation to this and hopefully someone at Alfresco will develop something :)