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Forums unavailable next week

Question asked by jpotts Moderator on Jan 16, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2013 by 102020
Hopefully you have seen forum posts about the up-coming forum migration or have heard about it through other channels. The date for the migration is finally set. If everything goes smoothly, one week from now we'll be up-and-running on the new platform.

The forums will be unavailable next week starting Monday, January 21, at around 08:00 GMT. We hope to have everything back up by Tuesday, January 22, at around 12:00 GMT.

During this down time, all forum posts and user accounts will be moved to the new system.

When the forums come back up you should be able to log in using your normal forums username and password. The worst case is that you'll have to reset your password.

The new forums feature a single system for all local language forums which means if you have an account in more than one local language forum, those accounts will be merged if they are the same username and email address. If you have multiple accounts with different email addresses, change the email addresses to match one another before Monday to avoid problems with your account migration.

Thanks to everyone who was able to take a look at the beta site and provide feedback. Undoubtedly, we'll have issues we'll need to address soon after go-live, but all of the critical and blocker items have been addressed at this point.