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Alternative way to sync Alfresco: CmisSync

Question asked by nicolasraoul on Jan 16, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2013 by muralidharand
Hello all,
I wrote a tutorial for another way to sync Alfresco:


=== STEP 1 ===

Install .NET and the latest CmisSync (sorry, Win7 only for now, working on Linux/Mac port).

=== STEP 2 ===

Run CmisSync.
After a few welcome screens, it will start running as an icon in the tray:


Click on the tray icon and select "Add a CMIS folder".

=== STEP 3 ===

A dialog appears. In the address field, copy-paste the URL of your Alfresco server, it is the web address you use to access Alfresco in your web browser:


Insert the <strong>https://</strong> prefix if it did not get copied.
Then enter your Alfresco username/password.

=== STEP 4 ===

The next screen shows the Alfresco folders.
Choose the folder you want to sync.
If you use Alfresco Share, click "Sites", select your site, then click "documentLibrary".


=== That's all! ===

CmisSync will now sync Alfresco to your desktop, whenever you have a network connection.

CmisSync does two-way sync, which means you can modify/add files.
Should a conflict occur, you can handle it by choosing which version to keep.

Open Source, feedback welcome, looking for volunteers :-)
Nicolas Raoul