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Categorization of content

Question asked by bmarkovic on Oct 19, 2010
Hello all.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around how things work in Alfresco. Here's one thing I can't figure out.

DMS should allow us to categorize our content using multiple taxonomies, right? So far I've figured out the following:

- Folder structure as in a file system. Great but that much was available since the advent of LAN file sharing.
- Tags. Nice Web2.0-ism that's proven useful, but tags are constraintless many-to-many and have no hierarchy. This is useful but is not always what we need.

And finally:

- Categories. Which complement tags and folder structure in a great way and are exacly what I need.

Except that they seem cast in stone. What especially baffles me is the fact that we have that 'Software Document Classification' which (along with 'Regions' and 'Languages' that have a subset of world countries and not the rest) is a clear indicator that categories that come with Alfresco are sort of "demo" content, right?. However whatever stone I turned, (including the wiki and this forum) it appears that unless I'm a global software company not interested in a significant part of world population (including the one in my own country) I should (ironicaly) edit "under the hood" config files (fine with me tho) and come to terms with the fact that I cannot really use my customizations through the standard UI as neatly as the 'cast in stone' defaults (at least that is how I understood this wiki entry).

Why categories aren't as useable and as exposed in UI as Tags? Is this a design decision or just "the thing we've yet to get to" in development?

Hope I didn't mispost. Thank you for your help.