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Backup & Restore

Question asked by aj_eosensa on Jan 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2013 by bisana
i have searched all docs's and sources in an attempt to figure out how to properly and securely backup the  alfresco db

ok this is what i understand, i need to backup the alfresco folder (including alf_data) in conjunction to an sql db backup. ok cool this is where i hit a brick wall

i see that it comes with a folder postgresql and in the bin folder there are two files pg_dump and pg_dumpall

should i be using these two folders to backup the database, where is the backup output put? ive attempted to run ./pg_dumpall and it wont allow me to put in a password. but when i run default scripts with the pw it works, where are the default locations for the backup

i am at about hour 4 of troubleshooting this, this is the last step before our alfresco server goes into production and i could really use the communities help

i have read all the documents hot and cold backups and restores as per the wiki and whatnot, if someone in plain english could post how they go about backing up the server it would be GREATLY appreciated as i am mentally spent at this point

please note this is running on OSX but if you show directories it will be along the same lines

thanks in advance!