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Cannot access Alfresco share - HTTP Status 404-The requested

Question asked by roumens on Oct 20, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2010 by devondan
I'm trying to access Alfresco share via http://myserver:8080/share and it brings HTTP Status 404 - The requested resource () is not available page.
I am able to access http://myserver:8080/alfresco (http://comp-apv-alfres:8080/alfresco/faces/jsp/dashboards/container.jsp) without problems.

Before I was able to access share and i think the only major thing i changed on the system was to apply Active Directory using Ivan Plestina's article (

We have Alfresco Version: Community - v3.3.0 (g 2860).

Any suggestions, please? Any help welcome  :oops:

Thanks in advance!