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FTP Port Binding

Question asked by ben00001982 on Oct 20, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2010 by robain

I am having trouble configuring Alfresco 3.2 for FTP access. I have configured the server in file-servers.xml as follows:

   <config evaluator="string-compare" condition="FTP Server">
      <serverEnable enabled="true"/>
      <!– Run on a non-privileged port –>
      <!– IPv6 support –>
      <IPv6 state="false"/>
      <!– FTP authentication –>
      <!– Available types are 'alfresco' and 'passthru' –>
      <authenticator type="alfresco"/>
      <!– FTP server debug settings –>
      <!– Enable '' in file –>
      <debug flags="File,Search,Error,Directory,Info,DataPort"/>

However the server is unable to bind to the port as shown in the log below:

10:44:32,595 DEBUG [org.alfresco.fileserver] [FTP] FTP Socket error : Permission denied
10:44:32,597 DEBUG [org.alfresco.fileserver] Permission denied
10:44:32,597 DEBUG [org.alfresco.fileserver]    at Method)
10:44:32,598 DEBUG [org.alfresco.fileserver]    at
10:44:32,598 DEBUG [org.alfresco.fileserver]    at
10:44:32,598 DEBUG [org.alfresco.fileserver]    at<init>(
10:44:32,598 DEBUG [org.alfresco.fileserver]    at<init>(
10:44:32,598 DEBUG [org.alfresco.fileserver]    at
10:44:32,599 DEBUG [org.alfresco.fileserver]    at

I have tried a range of port numbers in the unprivileged range and yet the server is still unable to bind to the port.
Has anybody encountered this problem, or even better know the solution!!!

Many thanks,
Ben Trenchard