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Alfresco Consultant position available, Alicante (ES)

Question asked by choakes on Jan 18, 2013
An exciting opportunity is currently available in Alicante, Spain for an Alfresco Consultant. This position is located in the Public Sector through an IT Service Provider.

We are looking for candidates with the following profile:

Roles and responsibilities:
    Advise on best practices and commonly used strategies to follow in ECM projects, based on his/her extensive experience in such kind of projects.
    Lead the analysis of all new functional and integration demands that arise for the ECM system and assist with the preparation and planning of the activities needed to fulfil them without worsening the system usability and performance.
    Review the existing system architecture and analyse its performance, stability, capacity etc. Analyse the forecoming capacity, response, performance and architecture demands and prepare proposals on how to upgrade to support the new needs.
    Review existing fine-tuning of DB, architecture, stress tests etc to ensure they are reliable, adequate and realistic.
    Prepare a comprehensive strategy for the customization of the ECM Content Model so that the internal legacy Document management systems can be migrated to the ECM and can be exploited successfully by the former legacy Document management systems users and according to Business needs.
    Perform a security assessment of the implications, risks, etc of opening the ECM to the outside. Prepare a strategy to do the opening and lead the process in close cooperation with the internal architecture department.
    Perform all studies, assessments, recommendation etc in close cooperation with the internal architecture department.
    Engage with other departments periodically to ensure development and architects work in close cooperation during the entire length of development projects.
    Engage with IT Production periodically to ensure development and Production work in close cooperation during the entire length of development projects.
    Analysis of new Alfresco functionalities to be used by the client and advise on best practices on how to implement them: Alfresco Share, CIFS interface, integration with Outlook etc.
    Prepare a comprehensive strategy for the repository Upgrade to newer versions of Alfresco
    Analysis and recommendations of Integration with other internal systems
    Analysis of Repository integration with mobile devices (iPads, iPhones, etc)
    Produce required documentation

Specific requirements:
    Must have working experience in Enterprise Content Management Development and Alfresco ECM product suite.
    Must have understanding of enterprise architecture, in the context of high scale, clustered Java web applications and J2EE architecture and the components on which it is based (RDBMS, Spring, Hibernate, REST etc.)
    Experience with one or more databases (ideally postgres, mysql, mssql and oracle). A good working knowledge of HTML/CSS and Javascript
    A good understanding of source control systems
    A good understanding of common web application security issues
    Experience of code testing, continuous integration and code review
    5+ years experience in designing, developing, customizing, testing and maintaining Alfresco
    Experience in integrating Alfresco with other systems (i.e. for Single Sign On)
    Experience in Lucene, SOLR or other indexing systems is highly desirable
    Proven experience in iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android development highly desirable
    Experience with industry-standard software development processes
    A strong understanding of Content Management Systems
    BS in Computer Science or equivalent is desirable.

Language skills:
    Fluent in English
    Knowledge of Spanish would be considered an advantage
This position is initially offered as a 6 month freelance contract.

Could interested candidates please send a CV in MS Word format quoting reference 026-100110 Alf to You can also reach us by sending me a PM.

We are looking forward to discussing this position with suitable candidates.